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  1. Low-rise building: The cost per window can range from $4 to $7, depending on factors like window size, accessibility, and frequency of cleaning.

  2. Mid-rise building: For buildings with multiple stories, the cost might range from $7 to $15 per window, depending on complexity and frequency.

  3. High-rise building: High-rise window cleaning can cost significantly more due to the specialized equipment and safety measures required. Costs may range from $15 to $30 or more per window.

We understand that cleaning commercial windows is associated with risks such as: damage to the customer’s property, harm to bystanders who find themselves in the work area, and is also associated with injuries that workers may receive during the work.

The company has taken all necessary measures to ensure that our clients and employees feel calm while performing work!

We have:

  1. Public Liability Insurance
  2. Work cover insurance
  1. To order a service from our company, leave a request or call
  2. For all new clients, we offer a free visit to your site for an assessment.
  3. After the assessment, we will send you an estimate for approval.
  4. If our conditions suit you, we will schedule dates for the work.

As a rule, we work without prepayment, you pay only for work performed according to the estimate.

Payment is made by prior arrangement once every two weeks

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